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Florida Blue Medical Policies
(Medical Coverage Guidelines)

Guide to Understanding and Using This Website

Helpful Tips for Reference File

Prior to using the reference file please maximize your web browser to prevent inadvertent policy formatting changes. The navigation on the left-hand side provides three ways to quickly find information:

Category: Categories are arranged in alphabetical order. Within each category, the related policies are contained. To view the policy within a category, click the folder icon to expand the contents.

Contents: All policies are arranged by category, e.g., Ambulance and Medical/Surgical Supplies. The policies within each category are clickable and will immediately display in the window viewing area.

Index: All policies are listed alphabetically within the index. Click a policy to display its contents.

Search Terms

To find a policy with a particular term, type the procedure code, keyword or phrase in the Search box in the upper right-hand corner and click GO. Any and all policies that contain the procedure code, keyword or phrase will be displayed in the window viewing area. You may click on any policy title to be directly sent to that guideline.

To search for a term while viewing a policy, be sure to click once in a non-active area of the screen to notify the program which window you desire to search. Then you will go to the Edit dropdown list of the web browser and select Find (on This Page). The first occurrence of the search term is highlighted and then each subsequent term by clicking Find Next.


The PRINT button in the upper right-hand corner of the window viewing area will only print the guideline currently being viewed.

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Date Printed: June 21, 2018: 06:02 PM